Barn Burner: Package Design

I wanted this packaging to have a rustic feel that would compliment the general theme of Barn Burner restaurants. I incorporated wood grain textures along with bold black illustrations to do that.

THE BRAND As a competition roper, restauranteur Blair Salisbury often enjoyed the celebrations that surrounded many popular roping events. Those especially good events were referred to as “barn burners”. That is why Blair decided to name his new BBQ joint Barn Burner. After realizing how popular his BBQ sauce became, he decided to bottle it up into a BBQ product line. Time to kick off your boots and start up the grill.

THE DESIGN It was very important for the design of the bottles to stay true to the history and rich character of Barn Burner restaurants and the rustic style of a barn. I was inspired by wooden textures, vintage farm signage and bold colors and incorporated that throughout this design. There is a lot of personality at Barn Burner which inspired the 360° wrap around label filled with stories, recipes and iconic illustrations.