My home office & creative space!

For many years I have wanted to have a creative working space at home,  although I did have my desk all set up in our spare room. These past few weeks we have been working hard (which means many trips to Ikea, Target, Home name it) to finally make this a reality! Below were a few of my wish list items before we got started!

Wish List:

  • Desk (computer, easily accessible scanner, speakers, storage for supplies, etc)
  • Floating Shelves (for both project displays as well as extra storage)
  • Blackout Blinds or Curtains (the room gets a lot of sun which is great...sometimes!)
  • Additional Storage or Shelving (mainly to display by design library of books)
  • Large Working Table (I wanted something tall that I could stand at work at or set up a few stools around it)
  • Artwork (I already had a Gallery Wall setup but I wanted to update it with the latest prints I have gathered and collected over the years)
  • Lastly, a sitting area

Now it was time to get to work! Started off by measuring the room before heading out to the stores. I knew the general look and feel I wanted, something clean and modern with some hits of industrial! Also was trying to avoid any re-painting so had to work with the red/gray paint color currently on the walls! After several trips to the stores (back and forth) and lots of hanging, cutting, nailing, putting together, etc...the room was complete! 

I was so happy with how the space turned out and got pretty much everything from my wish list, below are a couple specifics. 

The couch we were able to get form IKEA and luckily when we returned to pick it up it was on sale! And it doubles as a sleeper sofa which was perfect for the spare room! Most of the large furniture was also from IKEA like the tall table, desk and shelves. We got the stools from Amazon and they had a good selection of colors and helped tie in the "industrial" accents I wanted. Most of the accessories came from Target, Marshalls, Michaels and World Market. I wanted a mix of both modern accessories while mixing in some hits of industrial accents. We even installed a nice black ceiling fan to tie the room together which we got from Home Depot. Am still working on some details like bringing in some more accent pillows and organization for my supplies. I could not be happier with the space so far and have really enjoyed getting to work in time to find my next design project!