Patio Makeover! DIY!

The last couple weeks I have been working on my latest creative project, renovating our covered patio below.

To Do:

  • Add a deck
  • Reface furniture (clean up, paint and add new cushions)
  • Stain existing table 
  • Add modern accessories 
  • Add greenery
  • Add lighting
  • Add artwork

Before starting, step one was to do my research. I looked at various magazines, blogs and multiple online searches for inspiration to find out what I liked. I knew I wanted to do as much as possible without professional help, so doing my research was an important step. 


Since I was going with a more neutral look for the patio deck and furniture such as grays, whites and blacks I wanted to make sure to bring in color through the accent pillows and accessories. Most the pillows were from IKEA and Target (make sure they are outdoor cushions so they do not fade too easily or purchase a UV protectant spray).  Most of the accessories were from Marshalls, Home Goods and Target. One of my favorite accent pieces was the DIY firefly jar and it was super easy. I bought some large mason jars from Michaels and found the battery powered firefly string lights from Target and combined them to create these fun firefly jars to add some extra light and ambiance. Overall I am loving the new space, and just in time to enjoy for the summer! Now on to the next project!