Estancia: Package Design

Estancia is a family owned winery that originated in Ecuador. The national bird of Ecuador is the andean condor which is decided to create and use the illustration of the condor as a key component throughout this packaging line.

THE BRAND Estancia is a California based winery that originated in Ecuador. Owner and creator, Marco Aguilar learned everything he knows about wine from growing up working in the Ecuadorian Wineries. He developed such a passion for the art of winemaking that he decided to start up his own winery and it all took off from there. 

THE DESIGN The Ecuadorian background of Estancia was really important to capture within this design. It was important to create a line of wine bottles that reached a higher-end audience while developing a cohesive look. Expanded the designs to other important winery products like corks, gift bags and wine glasses as well.