KOHL'S: Corporate Report

KOHL’S is a very family friendly company and it was important to capture that throughout their report. I wanted it to be vibrant and fun to read through, it needed to be captivating to the consumer.

THE BRAND KOHL'S is an American department store that originated in 1986 in Milwaukee, WI. KOHL'S started the KOHL'S In Action program which is dedicated to serving the community, protecting our environment and connecting store associates with various non-profit organizations. It was key for KOHL'S to put out a report to share with their consumers how they are doing their part.

THE DESIGN Designed a social responsibility corporate report that notified the consumer of the various ways KOHL'S is dedicated to serving the community. Was important to not only show factual information but also communicate it in a way that is honest and relatable. Also designed a corresponding poster series to showcase the various programs KOHL'S is passionate about.