Nature Air: Company Rebrand

Wanted to keep a bright and vibrant design that would remind the consumers of the Costa Rican history behind Nature Air. The logo symbol was inspired from the detailed paintings done on ox cart wheels that are very popular in the Costa Rican culture.


THE BRAND Nature Air is originally a domestic airline used for short distance travel within Costa Rica. With plans to expand into an international airline, Nature Air was now in need of a rebrand. We were asked to not only rebrand the company but create various branding applications that are necessary in order to compete with the other well known international airlines. 

THE DESIGN I was very inspired by the rich and colorful culture behind the airline and that was important to showcase throughout the designs. I created a new logomark for Nature Air that felt professional and recognizable while maintaining the culture of Costa Rica. There are a variety of branding opportunities when it comes to international airlines and I tapped into many of those to create a cohesive brand statement.