O.C.D: Book Design

Wanted to create visual elements that would embody various of the O.C.D characteristics. For the chapter openers I wanted the type to reinforce the kind of O.C.D that is shown in the photos, checkers being repeated, hoarders being overwhelming, etc.

THE BRAND Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a series of thoughts that are often uncontrollable and lead to obsessive and repetitive behaviors. There are four unique types of O.C.D. that each affect people differently. This book dives into the differences between these types of O.C.D. as well as how it affects each person. 

THE DESIGN O.C.D is a serious disease and was important for the design to feel factual, honest and well organized. I kept the thoughts of those affected by O.C.D. in mind and how the design of the book itself could affect them. The book includes various facts, photos and infographics to help the viewer better understand the disease